Woman Walking

Woman Walking is a 1:45 sample of a 8:10 two-channel video of a woman walking. This video displays two perspectives of the same experience; one video shows her from the front while the other video shows her from the back. From the back, we see what a person walking behind this woman on the street would see: a beautiful, fit woman with a confident, sexy walk. From the front, we see a woman who is alert, clutching her purse and cell phone as she watches out for potential predators and dangers. Walking alone, especially as a woman, can be an unnerving, vulnerable experience that is too often perceived as an invitation. My intent in this video is for anyone who may be aroused by the back video, be aware of what is actually experienced by the woman when she is approached, cat-called, followed, or harassed.

For exhibition, this piece should be projected on two separate projectors across from each other. In smaller spaces, this can be displayed on two vertically hung televisions next to each other.