artist statement

Extracting the strange from the familiar is my primaty goal in artmaking. I am an interdisciplinary artist primarily working in photography and video in Houston, TX. I use lens-based media and mass-produced materials to uncover inherent peculiarities in ordinary materials, visuals, and experiences. At the center of my art exploration is the human experience. My introspective nature gives rise to overanalysis of how people relate to eachother, society, and their environment.

Expanding on the familiar as strange, I am interested in creating art based around pretense. False presentations are deeply rooted in social behavior, especially in connection with self-representation, collective identity and the techniques through which they are constructed. These ideas are swayed according to a variety of sources within one’s society. For this reason, I focus on the semblances encountered within my particular gender, culture and/or class.

I utilize photography, video and performance on account of their ability to double or mirror real life. For similar purposes of manipulating reality, I employ recognized consumer materials within sculpture and installation in order to call on the symbolism and emotional attachments people form with objects. I am motivated by the uncanny possibilities that familiar materials have when they are rendered unfamiliar through construction and presentation. I strive to both create and then subvert expectations through an aesthetic dominated by subtlety, restraint and quietude.