I am an interdisciplinary lens-based artist from Southeast Texas. Driven by a profound fascination with pretense, imitation, and falsehoods, I delve into these subjects within the broader context of American history and contemporary society.  

My creative practice is concept-driven and encompasses a diverse range of media and disciplines. Through transmediation and recontextualization, I deliberately manipulate recognizable materials, actions, and symbols. By leveraging the history and associations tied to these sources, I bring forth unfamiliar aspects concealed within the familiar, demanding an assessment of the status quo. Through art, I expose the idiosyncrasies and peculiarities of our society, prompting a reconsideration of preconceptions.

Photography and video play a significant role in my artistic exploration due to their unique ability to reflect and manipulate aspects of real life. These mediums provide me with a powerful means of communication and expression, allowing me to navigate the complex interplay between truth and artifice.

I bring a strong educational background to my artistic practice, having earned a BFA in studio art with minors in dance and art history from Lamar University along with an MFA in photography and digital media from the University of Houston. In recognition of my artistic endeavors, I was honored to receive The Idea Fund and City Initiative Grant in 2021 and a SACI and Let Creativity Happen Grant from the City of Houston and Houston Arts Alliance in 2018. 

Notably, my art is on permanent exhibition at the George R. Brown Convention Center through Houston’s public art collection. I actively exhibit my work nationally and internationally with recent exhibitions at venues such as the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art in Brownsville, TX, Aggregate Space Gallery in Oakland, CA, Amos Eno Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and CICA Museum in South Korea.