The Lens Capsule

I want to fill everyone in on a new curatorial venture between myself and Emily Peacock. We are hosting multiple one-night exhibitions out of a rental truck for emerging lens-based artists living in Texas. The shows will correlate with the 2012 Fotofest Biennial. We plan to pull the truck up to all the largest openings and events with outdoor foot traffic.

My desire is that this will give artists on the verge of starting their careers a chance to experience the excitement of sharing their artwork with a large audience. I remember my first solo exhibition. It was soon after I received my BFA and I saw it as the perfect confidence booster as I moved into my MFA. With The Lens Capsule, I can’t help think of the usual venues for emerging artists during Fotofest. Coffee shops, studios-turned-galleries and other small obscure locations with little art community attendance tend to dominate. This format of exhibition brings art directly to the people other than trying to bring the people to a remote space. I hope people take advantage of Emily and I’s efforts.

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