A Prospective Place

A Prospective Place is a site-specific performance that took place at Skydive Art Space in Houston, TX. The location had an unfinished stairwell with four steps, a stoop, and then the rest of the stairs twisting to face the opposite direction. A curtain separated the second half of the stairs from the stoop and first four steps. On the stoop, a performer washed and sanitized everyone’s hands. While she did this, she told all visitors the the name of the piece, who made it, and the rules. There were two rules:

1. Only one person may enter at a time.

2. You may stay as long as you like.

From there, each visitor could walk up the stairs and interact with the hands however they wanted. The person behind the wall could not see anyone. Each experience was unique, ranging from soothing and therapeutic to kinky and sexual.