Lullabies for Loss

      Lullabies for Loss is a collection of two lullabies. No Heartbeat is a somber lullaby based on the melody of Johannes Brahm’s famous Lullaby. It is inspired by my experience with missed miscarriages, a term used for a miscarriage that has no signs or symptoms until the next ultrasound when there is no longer a detectable heartbeat or movement. Little Rainbow is an uplifting lullaby written for the babies born after pregnancy loss who are referred to as “rainbow babies” based on the idea that they are the rainbow after a storm. Both lullabies were written by myself and brought to life through the melodies and vocals of musician, Ashlynn Ivy. They were recorded using a binaural microphone provided by 3Dio. These lullabies were made possible through the support of Houston Arts Alliance’s Let Creativity Happen! Express Grant.


No Heartbeat:

Little Rainbow: