Thursday, September 27th,

8pm @ Numbers Night Club

In fulfillment of my HAA individual artist grant, I am creating a video piece utilizing silent disco technology. I am documenting the physical interactions between people in a club/party atmosphere without the distraction of music. A silent disco is a dance party event in which a disc jockey uses an FM-transmitter instead of speakers to broadcast beats into wireless headphones worn by attendees. Omitting the music will speculatively make any movement look foreign to bystanders by eliminating the beat commonly coupled with club dancing. It will also place focus on overpowered peripheral sounds such as of jostling clothes, feet scuffing the floor and many unforeseeable noises produced by attendees.

If you are interested in being in the video and hearing some great music by Echoplex (Peter Lucas), Gracie Chavez and Navó (Bombón), DJ Ipod Ammo, and DJ Sun, please come and dance the night away! Doors open at 8pm. $5 cover unless you contact me to get on the list or bring an official event card. There are only 200 headphones so come early! There are no guarantees that you will get in if you show up late!