Snows Always Melt

Snows Always Melt is a multidisciplinary art installation that joins an original music composition with programmed LED lights to create a light and sound sensory experience. Visual Artist Britt Thomas and Composer Joel Love collaborated to create a unique interpretation of the various stages of one’s life. Originally inspired by one’s evolving relationship to the winter holiday season throughout our lives, the musical composition and visual presentation work in coordination to create an experiential visceral reflection. This ten-minute composition encompasses three main experiences: childhood nostalgia, the overwhelming busyness of adulthood and the reflective nature of later life. Six 8′ x 2′ panels create a curved display of lights that equals 8′ tall and 12′ wide. This project is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance.

The second video below was created by Orlando Briones, director/cinematographer at Filmatic.