I am an interdisciplinary lens-based artist residing in Houston, Texas. Engaging in a concept-driven studio practice, I frequently utilize photography and video due to their ability to simultaneously reflect and manipulate reality. I am interested in the eccentric and perplexing aspects of society and shared experiences. I strive to draw people into the uncomfortable gray areas present in many aspects of life and sustain that tension.

            The bedrock of my aesthetic is delicate complexity, finding depth in simple recognizable elements and actions. Thematically, issues related to women and gender norms appear throughout my art in addition to an emphasis on body movement stemming from my past in dance. The tableau vivant is a recurrent feature in my video art as I utilize endurance performances to study facets of the human condition. I am also drawn to filmic methods for presenting allegories and tropes that are visible in classic cinema genres such as horror, science fiction, film noir, and romance.

            Beyond photography and video, I also work in sound, installation, soft sculpture, performance, as well as collaborating with creative individuals from other fields. I focus on finding the best methods for sharing and experiencing various concepts and embrace research, observation and learning as key elements of my artistic practice.

Britt Thomas in front of her mural, Metallographic Cosmos, 2016