My First Weld!

I feel like I should push it in plaster and hang the resulting cast on my wall like a proud parent! After a nearly 12-hour marathon work day on Friday under the tutelage of Madame Natali LeDuc, I am a lean, mean, welding machine! Grrrr! I am almost completely finished with the skeleton of a new costume/sculptural piece. Soon he will be fleshed out and the fruit of my welding labor will be nothing more than what it is, a skeletal structure. After overcoming my fear of the sparks, it was actually a lot of fun. We only had one fire resulting in minor fire damage to Natali’s hair and moderate damage to her body form (you can see a little in the photo below under the left armpit). It was a lesson learned between welding and synthetics. Below is an in-progress view. Stay posted as the project develops. I hope to get back in the metal shop sooner than later!