Members: Gallery 1724

I have an exhibition on view at Gallery 1724 in Houston, TX. It is a gallery/hair salon so go get your hair “did” as you look at my artwork. It is a very interesting old house with a bookcase as the bathroom door (so go potty while you are there!). The address is 1724 Bissonet with regular business hours. It is on view through May 31st. Don’t miss it! It is my first full photography show since 2008, no sculpture, no video. Also, no manipulations, straight photography. I know some of you photo geeks love that (you know who you are!).

Otherwise, my next show is at Box13 Art Space on May 19th. It is a stop animation installation in the upstairs gallery. I am hard at work on it so come see how it turns out! It is a return to a project I started 4 years ago that was never resolved. I am glad to finally redo it and present it to the public. Be there or be square!