Fotofest is upon us.

Many of you may know, I co-founded The Lens Capsule back in 2011 with artist, Emily Peacock. The Lens Capsule is an artist-run temporary exhibition space situated within a rental truck. We host mobile exhibitions biannually in conjunction with Fotofest. Out mission is to serve emerging Texas photographers and lens-based artists through exhibition and promotion. This allows maximum exposure for the artist by driving up to existing, well-attended art openings and community events. This is our third Fotofest season and we couldn’t be more excited with our lineup. We have artists Cobra McVey and Rick Custer this year. We are also hosting our first fundraiser called the Gram Grab. It will be a biannual print sale where everyone can donate an image through Instagram using the hashtag #TLCGramGrab2016. These prints will then be sold to benefit The Lens Capsule’s operating costs and add to our longterm goal of creating a permanent trailer-like Lens Capsule gallery that will be operational year round. I will post more on that in the near future. Please visit The Lens Capsule’s website at!