As I attempt to rewrite my thesis…

“Language can specify, images cannot. It is an observation which stands in curious contrast to the fact that images are concrete, vivid and inexhaustibly rich in sensory qualities, while language is abstract and purely conventional.” -Gombrich

I don’t blame language. I blame my fickleness in choosing just one direction. A girl only gets one masters thesis!

In the mean time, I bought a ninoka nk-700 at Value Village this past weekend. Aaand… the flash works perfectly! Who would have thought!? It has four aperture settings, 6,8,11,16. Nothing else. I can’t wait to play with my new toy! How is that for thesis procrastination?

I head out next week for CAA in New York. My little ninoka will be making the trip with me. Here is hoping for good weather and no blizzards!