A four-year quest ends.

Yesterday, while browsing the internet for images for a lecture, I came across an elusive photograph, a photograph I have been searching for for almost four years. I saw it the summer of 2007 but never recorded the artist or title. Then, while browsing a group of Harry Callahan images online, there it was: Chicago, 1960.

I thought I found the image once, a less spectacular version that I assumed I had blown out of proportion over time, but this was it! My skin flushed, my heart raced. I had found the elusive photograph after all these years! After all the sketching and asking around, there it was!

I know some of you will probably not share my passion for this photograph, but it, to me, is a perfect symbol for life. It is a fleeting moment between two people, the tension felt but never acted upon. There is an energy between them. They pass without ever recognizing the other, but this moment forever marks the moment these two strangers almost touched. Yea, I may have built it up a little in my head.