Breathe Wraps Up

July 04, 2012

My show in the upstairs gallery at Box13 Art Space just wrapped up last week. If you missed it, I will upload some video documentation of the installation as well as the actual videos very soon. In addition to this news, I have a large silent disco event approaching September 27th (as part of my HAA grant) as well as a three-person exhibition at Sam Houston State University in September. It’s my first visiting lecturer/critic opportunity as well so I am very excited! In the meantime, I am moving into a new house with a much larger studio in the next week or so before I head off to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Unfortunately, it means I will move from Box13 Art Space. All in all, a lot of flux. Check back soon for further updates on all these events!

HAA 2012 Individual Artist Grant Recipient

May 20, 2012

Good news! I am officially a 2012 Houston Arts Alliance grant recipient! I was awarded money to carryout a proposed video project. Utilizing silent disco technology, I will create a video documenting the physical interactions between people in a club/party atmosphere.

A silent disco is a dance party event in which a disc jockey uses an FM-transmitter instead of speakers to broadcast beats into wireless headphones worn by attendees. Omitting the music will speculatively make any movement look foreign to bystanders by eliminating the beat commonly coupled with club dancing. It will also place focus on overpowered peripheral sounds such as of jostling clothes, feet scuffing the floor and many unforeseeable noises produced by attendees. The public is invited to participate in the event and view the resulting video through a separate exhibition. I will keep updating the blog as dates and locations are set!

My First Gender-Bending Review!

May 07, 2012

Kristy Peet and Britt Ragsdale’s Body Talk at Gallery 1724

I love that I am able to be both a man and woman due to my shortened name (yes, I am a Brittney, click the link above to read what I mean). I always thought my art screamed “A WOMAN MADE THIS!”, but I am glad to see that it is not as apparent as I first thought. I believe this reviewer had some fair criticism of both the place and art. Please read, and then go see my photographs if your are in Houston. Also, I am far from done with this series. I am still making studies for larger pieces. So if you are interested in modeling and will be in Southeast Texas, please fill out my contact form. I don’t pay people (starving artist), but I will provide water, snacks and awkward entertainment.

Members: Gallery 1724

April 25, 2012

I have an exhibition on view at Gallery 1724 in Houston, TX. It is a gallery/hair salon so go get your hair “did” as you look at my artwork. It is a very interesting old house with a bookcase as the bathroom door (so go potty while you are there!). The address is 1724 Bissonet with regular business hours. It is on view through May 31st. Don’t miss it! It is my first full photography show since 2008, no sculpture, no video. Also, no manipulations, straight photography. I know some of you photo geeks love that (you know who you are!).

Otherwise, my next show is at Box13 Art Space on May 19th. It is a stop animation installation in the upstairs gallery. I am hard at work on it so come see how it turns out! It is a return to a project I started 4 years ago that was never resolved. I am glad to finally redo it and present it to the public. Be there or be square!

BOX 13 Collective: Right To Assemble

February 06, 2012

If you will be in the San Marcos, TX area, please stop by the art galleries at Texas State University and see the new exhibition, BOX 13 Collective: Right To Assemble. Opening is Thursday, 2/9, 5-7pm.  It is an exhibition of only collaborative pieces between Box 13 Art Space members.

I myself being a Box 13 member, made a sculptural piece with members, Karen Brasier Young, Emily Sloan and David McClain. We disassembled an 8-ft diameter sun pinata into 4 pieces, reworked them separately based on parameters that we set, and then reassembled the fractured star in the gallery. My piece is the wall pinata in the image below. Inside McClain’s piece (floor section) is the soundtrack and title to our collaborative piece, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr.’s 1977 hit, You Don’t Have to be a Star Baby


Art in Empty Spaces

November 22, 2011

A few months ago, I came across a non-profit group whose sole purpose was to connect artists with companies who have empty retail space so that the artists may carry out temporary exhibitions and performances. I thought this was a genius idea! Instead of charging the artist, curator or organization for the use of its location, the company joins forces with them in order to spur interest in a vacant space that may be lacking prospective tenants. During openings and performances, people not only look at the art, they look at the space. The event showcases possible ways the space may be utilized as well as what kind of traffic the location can attract, a great sales tactic! I would love to start something like this in Houston, making it easier for artists and independent curators to find available exhibition space.

This kind of tactic is actually how the PG Contemporary exhibition I was just in came to fruition. PG Contemporary’s landlord was sitting on vacant property only two storefronts down from the gallery. The landlord did not charge anything to host the temporary annex show. Added bonus: It is rumored that someone contacted the landlord about renting the space for a gallery. With artist projects such as Sharsten Plenge’s plan to transform an abandoned JCPenney into an art complex in Houston, I think it is about time H-town had its own non-profit resource to utilize vacant property and bring art to new areas of the community.

If you know of any non-profit organizations who focus on this, please let me know. I would love to visit them and learn more about how they function.


PAN Y CIRCOS: group exhibit, Houston, TX

October 24, 2011

Hello friends,

Above is a walk-through video created by one of the co-curators of the current exhibit I am in. Pan y Circos is a group exhibit curated by Robert Boyd, editor/publisher of The Great God Pan is Dead, and Zoya Tommy of PG Contemporary Gallery. I encourage everyone to go see it! I think they did a wonderful job and I am honored to have been selected to participate. You can also read a review from Houston Press here!

The Lens Capsule

September 14, 2011

I want to fill everyone in on a new curatorial venture between myself and Emily Peacock. We are hosting multiple one-night exhibitions out of a rental truck for emerging lens-based artists living in Texas. The shows will correlate with the 2012 Fotofest Biennial. We plan to pull the truck up to all the largest openings and events with outdoor foot traffic.

My desire is that this will give artists on the verge of starting their careers a chance to experience the excitement of sharing their artwork with a large audience. I remember my first solo exhibition. It was soon after I received my BFA and I saw it as the perfect confidence booster as I moved into my MFA. With The Lens Capsule, I can’t help think of the usual venues for emerging artists during Fotofest. Coffee shops, studios-turned-galleries and other small obscure locations with little art community attendance tend to dominate. This format of exhibition brings art directly to the people other than trying to bring the people to a remote space. I hope people take advantage of Emily and I’s efforts.

For more information, visit


August 04, 2011

Yesterday, I received a call from CultureMap Houston announcing that I was CultureMap’s and Lawndale Art Center’s People’s Choice Award Winner for the 2011 Big Show! I was absolutely delighted. With awards/grants/proposals, I have always been told that decisions are partially based on who the juror/jury is each year. Everyone has an opinion and we have to accept that our work may not always fit one person’s opinion of good art. However, when a large percent of a group of people vote for your work, that is a good feeling! Even though the trophy is all humor, the award is actually a great honor. Thank you to everyone who voted! You can read what CultureMap wrote here:

A sinister pink romance: The Lawndale Big Show People’s Choice Award winner is …

ManyMinis @ Skydive Art Space

July 15, 2011

If you are a Houstonian and have not visited Skydive Art Space this week, boy are you missing out! This week, from 12:00am Sunday, July 10th to 12:00am Saturday, July 16th, there was/is a constant cycle of artists, writers, musicians and creative enthusiasts in general working on mini residencies around the clock. This week-long event is hosted by an adventurous couple who kicked off the project in Berlin in 2008, with plans of hosting the next event in Copenhagen in 2012. To see some of the other residents’ projects, please visit their website: Many Mini Residency. Also check out the write-up they received on Culturemap: Condensed Creativity.

I was lucky enough to have a two-part residency (the proposed project only ended up using 1 of the 2 requested time slots). So instead of wasting that time, I used it to create a second project! The first day was used as a collaborative opportunity between me and a dance Group called Them. I used sheets left from Hypnopomp to cloak all the furniture in the room as well as the dancers. Given the empty space provided by Skydive and its old plank walls, I imagined it as a deserted home, full of stories. The dancers improvised movements using the sheets to see what movements best conveyed a sense of spookiness without screaming ghosts. I am very excited with the video footage and hope to work with the group again.

On the second day, I coaxed the public to participate in an audition-style video piece. Everyone who came by the art space for public hours had the opportunity to stand in front of the camera and then pretend to be shot by a gun. I gave them the options of a funny shooting or a serious shooting, lethal or not. I found it interesting how life-like some people were, or how common themes/patterns developed as more people were “shot”. I hope to continue this video project in the future so that I can collect a much larger group of shootings. However, I was very excited with the performances I received in this first round.

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