Screen Test is an audition-style public-participation performance, resulting in a video compilation of everyone’s shoots. The setting for these performances is a staged audition room with a camera, microphone and floor marks. Everyone is given the same instructions: stand in front of a stationary video camera and pretend to be shot by a gun. Anyone can participate, no experience necessary. Each performance can be as funny or as serious as the participant chooses, lethal or not.

I am interested in how people interpret violence. This project idea evolved from my personal witnessing of a horrific act. When asked to describe what I had seen, the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “It was just like the movies!” Even though many people have not witnessed dramatic acts of violence in person, they have all seen movies. I am curious as to how media has shaped people’s individual interpretations of the experience of being shot.

*This is an ongoing project. If you are within the USA and are interested in hosting this performance, please fill out the contact form on my blog page.


Screen Test | 2011 | video